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Anywhere Anyhow Anytime

DATE: 1998
GENRE: Performance
STATUS: Archive


Along the side streets of history, memories, music and films collide. Images repeat and sounds echo around the old Gossenhalle as it becomes a station, a club, a cinema and the deserted warehouse it once was. As the doors to these houses fly open and slam shut we catch glimpses of feelings that were once more than fiction.

Commissioned by the ARENA Festival, and funded by The British Council, The company collaborated on a site-specific production with German theatre practioners in a 60m warehouse space in Erlangen, Germany for The Arena 98 Festival.

“An illustrated broadsheet associatively galloping through time and space. This first class ensemble shows us a scenic collage about the essence of being human made with every refinement. Worth seeing.”
Nurnberger Nachrichten

“A multi-perspective and multi-media pleasure, this show is flowing, it is seducing people to dream and packed with emotions.”
Nordbayerische Zeitung