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Steve Gibbs

Steve Gibbs, audio mastermind behind our Watch This Space projects, can be found in the recording studio hidden away in our building. If he’s not in there he is probably djing his way around the world, making dub reggae as Vibronics. His musical wizardry is a wonder to behold and he knows how to find fault with almost any meal. It’s quite a talent.

Sean Clark

Sean built one of the first UK websites waaaaay back in 1992, and now his company, Cuttlefish, design and build user-friendly sites for loads of different people, in education and government as well as the creative industries. He also does some bafflingly brilliant stuff as a digital artist, supports the arts in general and just happens to be a bloody nice bloke.

Kate Unwin

Kate is a set designer and all-round maker of brilliant things. She’s worked with us on projects that have travelled all around the country – and beyond. She can produce almost anything from the contents of a pound shop and can also cook some very fine desserts. If you need set (or a dessert) look her up. Visit her website: www.kateunwin.co.uk


David was an MBD Artistic Director from 1997 until 2011, when he staged his "clinical depression concept album show" and decided to pursue his career as a singer-songwriter, pianist, writer and raconteur. David continues to work with MBD whenever they need him and is still a member of the core creative team for Watch This Space. Whilst working for WTS he has written poetry about everything from the gunpowder plot to bricks. Find Dave's website here: davidparkin.org