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Call Me - When You Get Here

DATE: Summer 2012
GENRE: Festival / Game
STATUS: Complete
COMPANY: metro-boulot-dodo, PAZZ Festival (Germany)


With CALL ME, metro-boulot-dodo continued to explore the use of technology as a way to automate and enrich our performance experiences. CALL ME allowed people to use their own smartphones to navigate parts of Oldenburg, Germany, as they discovered strands of a story that explored our addiction to instant communication.

At the end of 2011, there were an estimated 6 billion mobile subscriptions. That is equivalent to 87 percent of the world population.

Stacked in shipping containers, every phone starts empty, no contacts, no messages. But the moment your phone becomes active it starts to store your memories on its memory. You choose your ring tone, your screen saver, your address book grows, your photos are stored and the life of your phone becomes a reflection of your own. Soon it becomes your link to the world, a place where you hear and read about moments both mundane and momentous.

Audience members downloaded a specially created app onto their smart phone and were sent on a journey that investigates a generation's addiction to instant communication. In an age where texts, tweets, pokes, wall posts or (occasionally) a good old fashioned phone call have become an integral part of our everyday lives, MBD asks the question: Is it really life or death?

Call Me - When you get here was presented at Pazz 2012, before being developed to create a series of subsequent technology based shows.

The app was a vital element of the performance (but did not provide all of the content) was available on both apple and google stores, and set a template for an idea that we have now applied to develop in 2015.