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Canons Ashby Victorian Country Gathering

DATE: 2011
GENRE: Performance Tour
STATUS: Complete
COMPANY: MBD, National Trust


Summer 2011 saw the MBD team re-create a Victorian community event at Canons Ashby.

Sir Henry Dryden liked to throw open the gates of his ancestral home to welcome the local villagers. Working in partnership with the National Trust, MBD did the same.

We invited small audiences to slip inside the unusual manor house and enter the fascinating world of the Dryden family by means of a secret atmospheric performance tour. Whilst the crowds relaxed and enjoyed the gala festivities outside, something curious and otherworldly was happening inside Canons Ashby. Our intimate tour allowed servants to guide people around the house and see it like never before. We re-created past lives and re-lived forgotten memories, using our unique blend of music, performance and visual delights.

Audiences enjoyed a fully immersive soundtrack that followed them around the house as they encountered micro performances, lighting and video projected onto the fabric and furnishings of this unique historic setting.