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Check It Out

DATE: 2010
GENRE: Outreach
STATUS: Archive


MBD acted as artistic directors to deliver 'Check It Out', a project that gave young people the chance to find out what their future holds through an interactive game and creative investigation. The project explored feelings on issues such as bullying, sex, alcohol, healthy eating and relationships.

The major installation combines sound, light, film and graphics and looks at the choices and decisions people have to make. It aims to encourage young people to explore healthy lifestyles in a creative way and it was first shown in the Sedgefield area during summer 2010.

Aimed primarily at 12- 16 year olds, the game was designed and created by young people and artists from the Sedgefield area, working with Metro-Boulot-Dodo as artistic directors. The project was delivered by Greenfield School Community and Arts College (County Durham) and Darlington Primary Care Trust and supported by Durham County Council.

Once up and running MBD left the installation in the careful hands of others to deliver an extensive tour at outdoor events around the locality. Getting on for 1,000 got to see the show and the feedback was incredibly positive. Definitely a great example of how arts can make a difference, and a really exciting and ambitious project to be part of.

And it looks cool..... Very cool....