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Communication Breakdown

DATE: 2007 - Present
GENRE: Site Specific
STATUS: Current


Communication Breakdown is a multi disciplinary art experience designed to take people on a journey. As the journey progresses a story unfolds. Through soundtrack, short film, visual installation and any other artform we find to fit, participants discover a story that is hidden within their surroundings. COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN is an interactive experience that explores the importance of keeping communication alive.

The idea of sending people on a journey is at the centre of Communication Breakdown. The story can be split into any number of locations around a city, building or outdoor space. With the aid of a map and a series of clues given at each location, the audience must work out where to find the next part of the story. By playing the part of detective and audience member it is possible to navigate a way through a story that makes people visit areas they may never normally go, or look closer at things that might normally be taken for granted. COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN is an intensely site specific piece that fully integrates the unique qualities of every city it visits and therefore requires at least a week of on site research and development prior to opening.

"Consult the map, solve the clues and keep your eyes peeled as you embark on an utterly unique treasure hunt. COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN takes you on a tour of the streets where shop windows, TV screens and menus all tell the story of a love affair in pieces."

COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN was commissioned by Stockton International Riverside Festival 2007 and Festival a/d Werf (Holland) 2008 with support from Getting On The Map. In 2011 COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN SINGAPORE was created for The Flipside Festival at The Esplanade Theatres on the Bay.

If you would like to check out some of the video pieces produced for COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN then please visit www.youtube.com/mbdtv