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About Us

"METRO-BOULOT-DODO is one of the brightest of the new crop of theatre companies disregarding theatrical convention"
The Guardian

Commute – work – sleep

METRO-BOULOT-DODO was established in 1997 by a group of Theatre graduates from Lancaster University. After quickly getting a few international festival awards under our belt (including a Total Theatre Best Newcomer award in Edinburgh) we set out to change the world... Or at least throw a splash of colour at it. And to do that, we based ourselves in Leicester.

A few incarnations and almost twenty years later and we have combined all of that theatre experience with a bit of visual arts, street arts, heritage interpretation, large scale performance, a full scale recording studio and an ongoing interest in technology. We are now an associate artist company of CURVE theatre in Leicester.

The result is still a very small core company (only three of us artists), but a large list of projects for anything from 2 - 5,000 people at a time. We do, of course, have a very long list of collaborators and partners to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for helping us to stand out as we continue to make some of our most exciting and groundbreaking work.

MBD collaborate to create innovative cross artform work and we have produced an impressive catalogue of arts projects including installations, performances, interactive tours, visual art and new media, large scale spectacle and loads of site specific heritage work. All those years of blood, sweat, tears (and the odd laugh) has gained us a strong national and international reputation for consistently creating work that combines high production values with innovative and contemporary presentation.

METRO-BOULOT-DODO is known for a unique blend of live performance, original soundtrack and cutting edge new media, all combined with an unforgettable quirky sense of humour.

The range of projects undertaken by METRO-BOULOT-DODO mean that we continue to produce high quality work for a variety of differing audiences and spaces, and we plan to carry on for a few more years yet...