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A Transnational creation between Reial Companyia de Teatre de catalunya (Spain) and Metro-Boulot-Dodo (UK) The two companies were commissioned by Meridians to create a new project which premiered at Stockton International Riverside Festival in July 2011.

Exposicio is sited in a museum or exhibition's room. The audience arrive and are given an audio-guide. Surprisingly, the explanations aren't of art pictures, sculptures or paintings but of the museum's staff and various visitors. The project confronts the audience with an intimate tour focusing on the alternative art found in the museums, the human art form. The audience encounter a variety of staff and visitors during their tour and as they watch from a distance they gradually hear these characters thoughts and hopes whilst they quietly and calmly inhabit the museum space.

Reial Companyia de Teatre de Catalunya was founded in 2006. The art directors and playwrights are both Laia Alsina & Jordi Centellas.
The distinguishing feature of the company is the representation of plays built specifically to be represented in a specific space, involving the landscape and the environment in the show.

MERIDIANS is a European network for the performing arts in non-conventional venues which was established in 2006. The network exists to promote the creation and co-production of works based on exchanges between artists and partners from various European Union countries, in order to spread intercultural and European creations in the field of the performing arts. These should inhabit and use the city as a stage to link its citizens to non-conventional theatre languages.

DATE: 2011
GENRE: Site specific
STATUS: Current
COMPANY: Reial Companyia de Teatre and MBD