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DATE: 2003 - 2010
GENRE: Performance installation
STATUS: Complete


Innovative, insightful and utterly unique: FIB is a big, bold eclectic mix of contemporary artforms. In collaboration with musicians, performers and cutting edge digital artists, METRO-BOULOT-DODO use all means at their disposal to answer the question: ‘Why do we lie?’

14 white boxes packed with far-fetched fabrications and unflinching honesty await your investigation. With only 28 seconds between each FIB box, a sense of urgency is felt by the audience as they attempt to keep up with the pace and make sure they don’t miss a box out. Be prepared for surprises inside the boxes and interaction outside.

Dramatic lighting synchronised with individually composed musical tracks creates a dramatic experience inside and outside the boxes.

FIB Rules

  • To lie to protect
  • To be honest in adversity
  • And to answer the question: Why do we lie
  • MBD have been conducting an artistic experiment in truth and deception
  • The 14 boxes you see in front of you reflect their findings
  • Each box is a unique experience
  • As a FIB audience member it is essential that you listen carefully
  • And follow the FIB rules at all times
  • You have 28 seconds of music to choose your first box
  • One box, one person
  • Entering a box with another person is forbidden
  • Once you have chosen your box please wait outside the door
  • Each box is numbered
  • Please take a moment to tick the box number off your checklist
  • You will then be instructed to enter your chosen box
  • Once inside, your experience will last exactly three minutes
  • Please comply with any further instructions you are given once inside the box
  • After 3 minutes you will be asked to leave
  • You will then have 28 seconds of music to choose your next box
  • This procedure will be repeated 13 more times until every box has been visited
  • There is no correct order
  • But you must never enter the same box twice

FIB was commissioned by the NOW festival (Nottingham) and Phoenix Arts (Leicester). The project also received support from Arts Council England, Performing Right Society Foundation and Leicester City Council.


FIB by metro-boulot-dodo