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Global Footprint Finale

DATE: Devember 2012
GENRE: Outdoor spectacle
STATUS: Complete


Cue lights, cue performers, cue sound and cue huge video projections as our latest heritage spectacular hit Rushden, Northamptonshire. The finale of the county-wide Global Footprint project brought together many months of work across Northamptonshire. Work that has been undertaken by a highly skilled team of artists, historians and archivists to celebrate the importance of the County's shoe industry - a living industry with a rich heritage and a bright future.

The finale saw MBD illuminate the old factory on West Street, Rushden in an explosion of colour, sound and moving image, recalling the heyday of the many boot and shoe factories found in the town. Performers from Rushden college will featured in this high-tech historical happening as audiences relived long forgotten memories, and the show highlighted key moments in the town's history. The event was free and was held alongside the switching on of the town's Christmas lights on 1st December 2012, a day when thousands of local people gather to celebrate the winter season.