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Naseby Battlefield Audio Tour

DATE: 2010
GENRE: Audio Tour
STATUS: Available
COMPANY: metro-boulot-dodo


MBD were approached by the Naseby Battlefield Trust to create an atmospheric and engaging audio tour that told the story of this legendary English civil war site. MBD wanted to provide an experience that would help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the heritage of the unique site and the tumultuous events that happened there in the 17th century.

The resulting Audio Tour helps convey the horrors of the battle, as well as giving some insight into what lives were like at this pivotal time in British history. For this project we worked in many layers of specially created sound design, music and poetry with academic interviews and facts, resulting in a moving and cinematic Audio Tour.

The full audio Tour track listing is available on this page. The experience is best with headphones. Feel free to listen your way through the battle that decided the outcome of the English Civil War.