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Posted: Mon, 30 Jan 2017 14:29


Empire Soldiers is an ambitious new project using the latest technology. METRO-BOULOT-DODO will immerse their audience in a 360 video environment using a VR headset. The show will focus upon the experience of WW1 Caribbean Soldiers asked to fight on the front line.

Members of the public will take a seat in a deconstructed train compartment, as they put on the VR head set; they are suddenly surrounded by the undernourished figures of the returning Empire Soldiers. As they pull into their final station, the talk turns from the battle they've just left, to the one they're entering. Will they be welcomed as heroes or told to go home?

Empire Soldiers has been commissioned by Serendipity.

Déda's Creative Producer Phil Hargreaves says "It's great that Déda has been able to team up with some fantastic regional partners to provide funding and support to some outstanding artists in the region. The pieces are going to be spectacular and we are extremely excited to be able to showcase the talent in the Midlands."

The Offsite Programme will run for three years and Year 1 will focus on training and development; working with key regional, national and international partners & funding bodies to deliver sessions. OffSite partners will also create and nurture a network of creatives that can support each other's practice, share knowledge & continue to grow the regional outdoor arts scene. Year 1 will focus on regional development with an ambition to widen the remit to include national and international work in Years 2 and 3.

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