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Posted: Fri, 17 Feb 2017 14:32


Empire soldiers is an ambitious new project to tell a century old story using the latest technology. Empire soldiers will immerse audiences in a 360 video environment using a VR headset and full surround sound. The show will focus on the experience of Carribbean troops who fought on the front line. Through a combination of soundtrack, spoken word and performance in a 360 video environment we will meet the occupants of a train compartment as they recount the horrors of their experience in the trenches, and their hopes for a new life.

6-8 members of the public will be invited to take a seat in a deconstructed train compartment. Areas of the set are fully recognisable as parts of the compartment, but other parts are missing and, so too, are its occupants. As they put on the headset, the missing pieces are revealed in a fully immersive 360 video. As the audience enter this world they can no longer see or hear the group they sat down with. Instead, they are now surrounded by the gaunt and undernourished figures of the returning 'Empire Soldiers'.

In turn they begin to speak of the horrors they have seen and experienced. Each from a different country, they were brought together to fight for King and Country. A musical backdrop begins to take over the carriage as their conversation turns seamlessly into an atmospheric spoken word experience that blends the different voices with instrumentation that invokes the distant echoes of the soldiers' homes. As they pull into their final station, the talk turns from the battle they have just left, to the one they are just entering. Will they be welcomed as heroes? Or told to go home...

Tags: Mbd, Arts Council England