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Secret Nature Investigators

DATE: 2009
GENRE: Primary
STATUS: Archive


MBD worked with Year 4 students at Mowmacre Primary School on a project that investigated the food chain and improved the student’s creative writing. MBD transformed a science classroom into a crime scene that involved a variety of different habitats. Alan the toad had been discovered dead and the children worked with Eco Expert Esther from the SNI to find out how and why Alan had died. Each week the students would put on their lab coats and goggles and investigate the crime scene, the students would interview key suspects ranging from a Sylvia the Swan, to Darren the litterbug. The project enabled the students to learn all about the food chain and the different habitats whilst improving vocabulary and creative writing techniques. The project culminated in the whole school visiting the crime scene and then witnessing a courtroom drama where small groups would make the argument of why they thought a particular animal or issue (pollution) caused Alan to die. This was a highly enjoyable and rewarding project for both the students and METRO-BOULOT-DODO.