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GENRE: Primary, Secondary and Higher Education
STATUS: Current


MBD delivered a street arts workshop with primary, secondary and higher education students. The workshop looked at the spectrum of work that happens in the outdoors from walkabout acts to large scale spectacles. Students watched a variety of videos and discussed their thoughts on how people define the genre of street arts. MBD then discussed some of the logistical issues that come into play when presenting work on the street, such as crowd control, thematic content and the weather. The students then created their own piece of street art that was then taken onto the street. Each student was given a letter to decorate in their own unique way, when the individual letters were spelt out they formed the words STREET ART these letters were then taken onto the street and the students placed the words in a variety of locations to gage audience response. The workshop culminated with the students being given an imaginary budget to book a street arts event / festival. The workshop explored the genre of street arts, gave the students first hand experience in creating a piece of street arts and offered a practical insight into the various factors when presenting art on the street.