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System Upgrade

DATE: 2008
GENRE: Primary and Secondary
STATUS: Archive


MBD created a short film with students from Hazel Primary School, Caldecote Primary School and Riverside Community College. System Upgrade launched the Creative Partnerships National Conference in Manchester and investigated creative learning. MBD worked with students from Year 4 to Year 13, the young consultants created the content, operated the cameras and performed in the film with MBD editing and overseeing the whole process.

MBD and the young consultants were then set the challenge of creating another film over the course of the conference to find out how teachers would increase creative learning. MBD took three pods to the conference. One of the pods was transformed into a Victorian classroom where the public was made to take exams in a strict controlled environment. The exams were away of gaining feedback on out topic which fed into the film. The young consultants also played the role of journalists, interviewing the public and gathering feedback, which became an integral element of the second film. This film was created in 24 hours and presented as the final element at the conference.

System Upgrade was a hugely challenging and rewarding project. The project involved three schools working with students from both primary and secondary. The students were both in front and behind the camera learning filming techniques, performance skills all whilst asking challenging questions about creative learning.