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The Building

Mission Control

metro-boulot-dodo took over a warehouse close to Leicester’s Cultural Quarter in 2008, transforming it from barren storage unit into a creative hub complete with office, workshop, recording studio and creative spaces used by friends and collaborators.

Recently, we turned the kitchen into an indoor garden, counteracting the lack of central heating quite wonderfully. We can highly recommend this for anybody with large amounts of artificial plant life cluttering up the place.


At the heart of the building, and with our fingers on the pulse of everything that happens here. We won’t take too many column inches talking about ourselves, you can visit the ABOUT US page for that. Let’s tell you more about who is here and what happens.

The Workshop

Where the magic happens. To the untrained eye it may appear that we have a warehouse jammed full of rubbish that we forgot to throw away. This is only partly true, delve further and you'll find nearly twenty years' worth of set, props, costumes and works-in-progress. Maybe even a few hairy crew members thrown in for good measure.

The Office

Home to most of our creative discussions and the birthplace of our shows. Also home to various boxes, files, gizmos and bits of paper. We’re not sure what everything is or where it all came from, but it makes us look busy (which is good, because we are).