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The Tupperware Tea Party

DATE: 1996 – 1998
GENRE: Performance
STATUS: Archive


The company's international award winning first show, The Tupperware Tea Party, is a lively, amusing and often disturbing look at madness in and of society. The psychedelic garden provides a place where the lunatic meets the domestic to discuss the relative merits of L.S.D, Religion and Sainsbury's

Awarded the Arena 97 Festival Award and Brams 98 award for "Best Ensemble Piece"

“Avant Garde Theatre which does not flounder in pointless intellectualism”
8emes Rencontres Theatrales de Lyon

“The Tupperware Tea Party was described as the most exceptional and stimulating performance of this year‚s ARENA Festival. Such an accolade is even more amazing given the fact that metro-boulot-dodo were only formed just over a year ago.”
Lancashire Guardian

“When a bunch of graduates from Lancaster University compete for an award with the magnificent Russian performance group Derevo, the result is a foregone conclusion, right? Wrong. At last year’s ARENA97 Festival in Germany, the shaven-headed "anti-clowns" conceded the festival prize to a group with the unlikely name Metro-Boulot-Dodo.”
The List