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DATE: Autumn 2013
GENRE: Trail / Installation
STATUS: Complete
COMPANY: metro-boulot-dodo / National Theatre


Part treasure hunt, part history tour. As the National Theatre Company celebrated it's 50th birthday, MBD were commissioned to help celebrate this momentous occasion with a treasure hunt, audio tour and interactive installation that would reveal just some of the great stories from the National Theatre archives.

Players discovered five locations and unearthed five decades of theatrical history as they solved five clues that would allow them to gain entry to the National Theatre Vault.

Each location included stories and memories from National Theatre actors, directors and backstage staff. Simon Callow, Nancy Carroll, Anna Carteret, Marianne Elliott, Alex Jennings and many others shared their thoughts and their experiences at the National.

When all five locations were discovered, and all five clues solved, players would have collected their own unique code to open the door to the National Theatre Vault - a micro exhibition of props, costumes, videos and stories from the last 50 years of the National Theatre.

There were two different versions to listen to: the quick version (about 25 minutes) and the long version (about 45 minutes) so that players could choose their level according to available time.

Thousands of people enjoyed the tour over a six week period and the project was a centrepiece as the NT's public areas became part of the show!