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Track Down MK

DATE: Summer 2012
GENRE: Street Arts / Game
STATUS: Complete
COMPANY: metro-boulot-dodo

21st - 29th July 2012 - Milton Keynes

METRO-BOULOT-DODO was commissioned by MKIF (Milton Keynes International Festival) in 2012 to create a new app-based interactive trail that celebrated the incredible story behind the team that built a new town - Milton Keynes.

Players took part in a unique multi-media game that went on a breathless journey around the Xscape complex at Milton Keynes. Armed with a smartphone, players immersed themselves in a world that came to life all around you as they solved clues and completed tasks to move through the levels.

Aimed primarily at a younger audience (14-25), the show used a smartphone app that was made publicly available through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The trail featured an interactive graphical interface that featured a playful illustrated style. The app allowed players to input the answers to clues as they found them, as well as using a bespoke soundboard design that allowed people's own smartphones and tablets to be connected to interactive exhibits around the space. Players could take control of arcade machines, radios, TV's and listening posts as they found clues hidden all around the complex.

TRACKDOWN MK was an early exploration of the internet of things and the possibilities that can come from connecting our own devices into the world that surrounds us. As one of the few creative companies experimenting in such depth with this kind of technology at the time, MBD were brought in to push the technical boundaries of work being presented at the festival.