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Under Pressure

DATE: 2005
GENRE: Performance
STATUS: Archive


METRO-BOULOT-DODO put themselves Under Pressure to create a brand new performance over the course of a seven week tour. Each week the company arrived at a different venue and have 107 hours before they put themselves infront of an audience. As the seconds tick away and the deadline draws closer, will the pressure be too great or are the artists up to the challenge? Audiences were there to witness the 107th hour and watch METRO-BOULOT-DODO Under Pressure as they attempted to make something out of nothing.

During each Under Pressure week, METRO-BOULOT-DODO hosted devising workshops as both an educational experience for participants, but also to feed into the productions of the project. Participants had the chance to explore the themes and discuss further avenues for explorations as Under Pressure turned into finished pieces ready for presentation.