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Whispers From A Rickshaw

DATE: 2010
GENRE: Street arts experience or static installation
STATUS: Current


Flag down the ‘Whispers’ rickshaw for a truly inspiring ride! An intriguing game of choice and chance will lead you to one of five stories exploring notions of fate, luck and the life journeys we take to fulfill our dreams. Put on your headphones and as you spin through the city streets, contemplate the nature of your own destiny. “Whispers From a Rickshaw’ is an intimate experience that asks the essential question: ‘Where are you going?’

Classical Chinese music, lo-fi electronica, new technology and story telling all intermingle to create a philosophical ride. Stunning audio was created by METRO-BOULOT-DODO in collaboration with Steve Gibbs and classically trained Chinese musician Ling Peng. Visuals were created by Steve Bridgeman and Tasha Xhei Li Whittle.

Whispers From a Rickshaw was funded by Igniting Ambition, the European Development Fund and Legacy Trust UK, Arts Council England and the PRS Foundation with additional support from the Cultural Activity Partnership Scheme, Leicester City Council. The project has also been recognised as part of the London 2012 Inspire programme