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Four Seasons | Winter

DATE: 2008
GENRE: Street arts installation
STATUS: Current


When an old lady is found unconscious in the snow, questions are asked. Who is she and why is no-one looking for her? As a young doctor struggles to find the answers, the nameless woman begins her own journey of discovery, travelling through a strange arctic landscape deep into her past.

Take a walk through WINTER. A haunting place where icicles creep under cupboards, melodies seep through walls and snow shakers hold memories and dreams.

WINTER is a beautiful yet haunting interactive installation where small audience groups explore 7 gleaming white hexagons whilst listening to a continuous soundtrack via headphones. Focusing on the last days of FOUR SEASONS signature character Polly, WINTER combines cutting edge design, an engaging narrative and an expansive electro/classical score to create a thoughtful, intimate and moving experience.


If you have completed SPRING, SUMMER and our mini version of AUTUMN at The Collection in Lincoln, then here is your chance to find out how Polly's story ends. Unfortunately you won't experience all of the visual delights of WINTER but do browse the slideshow on this page to see what you are missing. However, the FULL SOUNDTRACK is available on the right so that you can tie up all of those stories we threw in the air for you during your visit to Lincoln.

This soundtrack lasts for APPROXIMATELY 30 MINUTES and we strongly reccommend the use of headphones to get the full immersive experience. Make yourself comfortable, grab a cuppa and settle down to a beautiful musical score with a story that we hope wraps up your FOUR SEASONS experience in style. Just press play on the small audio player on the right of this page and enjoy.

WINTER was commissioned by Winchester Hat Fair, Stockton International Riverside Festival (SIRF) and CURVE (Leicester). MBD gratefully acknowledges financial support from Arts Council England and the PRS Foundation.


WINTER soundtrack by metro-boulot-dodo